Astrid Paris


 Senior Designer

"I’m fascinated by people and how their beliefs, habits, and lifestyles impact the way they use everyday things. I’m a screenshot hoarder, always looking for more inspiration. I’m a hacker, because sometimes progress is better than perfection. I also sketch and write to think." 

Like many “UXers,” Astrid didn’t travel a direct path to her chosen profession. While majoring in computer science in undergrad, Astrid had to take a couple of technical writing courses. Her professor’s encouragement to switch to the newly-created Technical and Professional Writing degree program (coupled with her newfound dislike of Java programming and her extreme frustration with higher-level math) forked her path to studying how to communicate complicated stuff. She just couldn’t let go of that whole techy thing, though, so that’s why she ended up with a Bachelor of Science in English (Technical and Professional Writing Emphasis) with a minor in Web Development. From there, she did what most English-majors-who-don't-want-to-teach do: go to grad school. She ended up with a Master of Science in Information Design and Communication...and a pile of student loan debt.

 Cate's Super Secret Power

Got any weird obsessions?

“ALL the tiny things. One of my friends and I talked about opening up a 'Tiny Emporium' for all of the other weirdos like us."

Astrid has a decade of experience helping companies create and refine the user experience of websites and enterprise and consumer-facing SaaS products. She carries from her software startup experiences an expansive toolbox of customer discovery and design testing techniques. She’s worked with brands such as GE, The Home Depot, Autodesk, The Weather Channel, AT&T, and Daxko. Astrid really does like long walks on the beach and prefers the Caribbean ones. 

3 things you should know about Astrid:

  • "Like Cate, I also have an irrational fear when walking down stairs. Unlike Cate, though, I'm not afraid that I'm going to die...just that I'll knock all of my teeth out!"
  • "I sometimes go on Twitter-binges where I'll consume massive amounts of content, often going down internet rabbit holes. I love Twitter—it's a learning resource for me. It helps me stay current with product design, UX, and tech. I use Buffer to schedule my tweets so people can't tell when I'm binging.
  • "I'm addicted to Jimmy John's Beach Club Unwiches. Those guys can wrap a lettuce leaf like nobody's business!"

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