Crystal "Crys" White

strategy Lead

 Senior Designer

"I'm just here for the coffee."

Crystal joined Launch in 2014 as its content lead before moving into her current role as strategy lead. If that title is meaningless to you, don't worry, no one here really gets what she does either. For the most part, she works with clients and prospects in creating plans for how to achieve their business goals with digital solutions. 

 Cate's Super Secret Power

What's your secret superpower?

“Spotting a spelling error
from 20 paces."

Previous to Launch, Crystal had careers in telecom, human resources, technology, and legal industries, and she has a Bachelor of Arts in French and Master of Arts in Professional Writing--which is to say she uses her careers to fund her addiction to interesting, but completely useless, degrees. At least until a significant market opens up for half-French, half-English 19th century poetry.

4 things Crystal wants you to know about her:

  • "I think we all only exist inside the hallucinogen-induced dreamstate of a Siberian polar bear. Therefore, this life to which we attribute so much meaning is in fact completely meaningless as it will cease to exist once the polar bear quits tripping on mushrooms."
  • Celebrity crush: "Stephen King. My dream in life is to write a story that scares the living hell out of him. Then, I will be complete."
  • Aspirations: "To sell my novel, then sell several novels more, not get killed by the KKK, move to a beach and live the easy life as a novelist right down the beach from you guessed it, Stephen King."
  • "My resume is just a list of things I hope you never ask me to do (shamelessly ripped off of"

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