David "D–Piddy" Preiss

Co-founder & PARTNER

 Senior Designer

"I don't know anything about Karma. All I know is that if you help others selflessly, things generally work out okay." 

Dave's career in UI design and UX took a left turn when he spent evenings getting his MBA at Georgia State University's Robinson College of Business. Since then, he's worked as a leader of UX and Design at The Home Depot to help score big sales for Black Friday digital events and make e-commerce redesign improvements on a massive scale. He discovered a great co-founder and built the agency he's always dreamed of working for. He earned a BFA in 3D Computer Animation from The University of Georgia. Go Dawgs!

 Cate's Super Secret Power

What's your secret super power?

“I am great at making my keys, wallet or phone disappear, so someone else finds them for me."

3 things Dave wants you to know about him:

  1. Reading physics and history is my thing and so is boring people to death with it when I've had too much to drink.
  2. I once had my back waxed while badly sunburned.
  3. I cannot get enough football, despite the fact that it makes me miserable.

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