Katie Foster


 Senior Designer

"I'm really much better at researching than giving soundbites...."

Katie is fascinated by the interaction of consumers, brands, and technology. Her curiosity drove her to pursue a career in advertising strategy and analysis. She has worked with clients to build and implement digital engagement strategies, create complex business requirements, and inform plans through consumer insights. She holds a BA in Advertising and a BA in Anthropology from the University of Georgia. 

 Cate's Super Secret Power

What's your secret super power?

“Perfectly popping popcorn
(and illiterations)."

3 things about Katie:

  • She has weird obsessions, like:  "Really tiny cutlery. Spoons, forks, sporks, all of 'em. (Pro tip: they make your bowl of ice cream seem much larger)"
  • Strange habits: "I don't have cable so sometimes I go to the gym just so I can watch reality television."
  • And amazing life goals: "One of my life aspirations is to one day own chickens, a pig, and/or goats (and know how to take care of them)"

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