Olivia Rado

UX Designer

 Senior Designer

"This has been a great year, I made the dive for a career change into UX Design. Making this leap of faith has taught me a lot about myself and the value of design."

Olivia received her undergraduate degree from Georgia State University in Printmaking, where she further explored her interest in the creative processes. Over the last 6 years, she has taught and coached at several private schools in the Atlanta area. While teaching she saw communication and design in a new light, spurring many questions. In asking the right questions, Olivia discovered the field of User Experience Design and charged forward. Olivia’s strengths lay in understanding the logic of the big picture with information architecture, while maintaining a 6th sense for the valuable small details.

 Cate's Super Secret Power

What's your secret super power?

“I can draw like a ninja! CHAAA"

"I wanted to grow up to be an artist, which I've accomplished in several forms. My parents have some incredible and strange coffee table books, which I spent a lot of time looking at from an early age. As a kid, I was fascinated by both Norman Rockwell and Picasso, they were both painters but drastically different. This difference also caught my attention."

A few things about Olivia:

  • Aspirations?
    "I'd like to have a solo-art show at a conceptually driven gallery."
  • Social Addictions?
    "I love Instagram so much. It's an incredible way connect, but quickly and easily explore. As an artist, this has opened a whole other world. 

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