Rachel Peters

UX Director

 Senior Designer

“I’ve always loved office supplies, and now I’ve found a career that lets me play with sticky notes and Sharpies all day long.”

Rachel is the fearless leader of the UX team at Launch. She got her start in technical writing before shifting her career to user research and experience strategy. She has over a decade of designing for digital; improving user's lives and business outcomes. She enjoys all aspects of user experience: from journey mapping "all the things", to testing designs with real people. 

 Cate's Super Secret Power

What's your useless talent?

“I can wiggle my ears, and I can write backwards. In cursive."

3 things Rachel wants you to know about her:

  • "I'm terrified of spiders and anything that appear to be a spider at first glance."
  • Best year ever: "2007 - because I married my best friend (and he's not afraid to kill spiders)"
  • "If I were stranded on a desert island and could only bring 3 things, I'd bring a book, pictures of my family, desalination kit (to make clean water - I may have seen too many episodes of Dual Survivor)"

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