Vivian "ViveFresh" Lowe

Account Lead

 Senior Designer

"Have you filled out your TPS report?..... Just kidding. No really, though. Fill it out."

As account lead with Launch, Vivian works directly with clients, defining needs, setting up project expectations, and keeping all projects running smoothly. What drew Vivian to Launch was the knowledge that each day, her actions directly contribute to the company’s success. She also notes how at our company, the relationships we build with our clients are transparent and genuine, and our team is smart and passionate.

 Cate's Super Secret Power

What's your secret super power?

“Being #GirlBoss"


Of the things she’s proud of, Vivian mentions how she’s always gained the respect of her coworkers, no matter where she worked. But when it comes to Launch specifically, she notes how she’s managed to finally get Javier to block his calendar off with travel time for client meetings.

Vivian has a Bachelor of Business Administration with majors in both international business and management information systems, and a minor in marketing. She’s also a certified Scrum Master, and her 16 years of cat herding experience digital design and build projects.

2 things Vivian wants you to know about her:

"I can’t get enough of 1920s mystery drama series like Agatha Christie’s Poirot and Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries. What’s not to love?!  Poirot’s moustache has swagger.  Phyrne fights in heels.  And if you were wondering, yes, I do look good for an 80 year old."
"I’m good at diffusing tense situations like MacGyver. I just do it by spontaneously breaking into song and dance…no gum and paperclips for me!"

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