Transmedia storytelling is a term applied to stories that are presented across multiple platforms, but how the story is told is dependent entirely upon the player-user. Each platform is carefully considered in order to make the most of each interaction. By presenting a loosely-constructed collage of content interactions, the publisher increases player-user understanding of and engagement with the overarching message. So how’s it work?

With transmedia storytelling, there are endless possibilities for engaging the audience. From physical interactions with objects (such as kiosks) to SMS call-and-response type interactions to online games and social media campaigns, how a company decides to tell a transmedia story is limited only by their imagination.

Want to learn more about transmedia storytelling? Great!

But you’ll have to play along. To help illustrate the different interactions you can create for your users, we’ve created a transmedia story, using a transmedia approach.

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You can also view examples companies doing an amazing job of transmedia storytelling on our Tumblr page at You’ll learn how Heineken, Coca-Cola, Benefit Cosmetics, The New York Times, and more, have found new ways to captivate their audience and increase revenue.

And we’ve even provided a text-based fictional game similar to those old choose-your-own-adventure stories and games so many of us remember. You’ll find instructions for how to access the game in our report and on our Tumblr page.

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