Mobile app redesign

Making white label feel custom.

Consumer banking mobile app redesign.


NCR Corporation is a leader in banking and commerce solutions, powering incredible experiences that make life easier. With its software, hardware, and portfolio of services, NCR enables transactions across financial, retail, hospitality, travel, telecom, and technology industries.

The Project

One of NCR’s offerings is a white labeled banking application, which financial institutions (FIs) purchase, customize to their brand and features, and provide to their customers. NCR wanted to offer end users a modernized banking experience that would make the company stand out as a leader in the industry, while also maintaining the customization and branding opportunities that their FI customers value. The challenge was to provide end users the same level of UX they experience with non-banking apps, and in turn, to increase the number of FIs who purchase the mobile banking product.


We completed an initial discovery phase that included stakeholder interviews, an analysis of industry best practices, an audit of the current app experience, and a visual exploration of modern FinTech applications. These activities identified areas of opportunity as well as initial requirements to satisfy the complex needs of banks and credit unions. 

Following initial discovery, we quickly realized there was not a strong voice of the customer represented in any of our research materials. As a result, we executed a series of in-person customer interviews in which we identified our key person groups, customer values, and a better understanding of the customer’s interaction with their FI, through mobile and other channels. 

User Experience

We took our discovery and interview findings and used them to create a detailed requirements document and key design principles that impacted the application visual design and functionality. The resulting annotated wireframes accommodated the specific user needs we identified, while also satisfying the business goals of the banks and credit unions that offer the app to their customers. Throughout the wireframe phase, we completed validation testing to ensure that usability was never compromised and we always returned to the voice of the customer. 

Visual Design

Finally, we created 2 distinct visual design systems that allowed FIs to customize the application for their brand and product offerings, without sacrificing the top notch user experience they were expecting. The design systems included customization colors, promotions, icons, and animations. Not only did we deliver a design system and customization guide, we also delivered full comps of each component and screen type using example brand colors.

Home Dashboard

One element that made this new iteration of the consumer mobile banking application a true departure from any previous versions was the customizable approach we took on the home screen.

Monthly Budgets

In the user interviews, we found that some users find immense value in data visualization and tools in their banking app, while others want to get straight to their transaction lists.

Coffee Cans

By creating a component-based design, we allowed financial institutions and their customers to design their own dashboard-style home screens, in which they could include as much or as little information as they desired.

Menus & Customization

This approach enables FIs to highlight features and promotions and make information more discoverable without overwhelming the user with menu links.

Accounts & Payments

Finally, the component-based design system gives both FIs and NCR the ability to introduce new or custom components as more functionality or data visualizations become available.  

240 screens, dozens of deliverables...

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