Sales Training 360

VR 360 Video

Pardot, Salesforce’s B2B marketing automation software for small to mid-sized businesses came to us to help them train internal sales executives quicker, more cost-effectively and with more engagement.

The usual seminar method  was time-consuming, expensive and didn’t represent Salesforce’s fun and engaging persona. The solution, we knew, had to reflect the brand’s innovative, future-focused personality and take the concept of employee training to the next level.
Brainstorming with the Pardot team,  we started with an idea for a virtual classroom. Letting employees learn from anywhere eliminated the burden of travel time and expenses.

We provided video scripting, videography, art direction and app development to create a VR learning platform that immerses users in the world of Pardot where they can interact with and learn from instructors, without the constraints of a traditional corporate training. 

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