How Pardot Used VR to Enhance Training

Article by Kelly Strawinski
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Earlier this year, we had the privilege of partnering with Pardot to make their sales training more interactive. We created a 360° virtual reality experience that allowed the user to be fully immersed in sales training, whether they were in the office or at home. One of the benefits of experiencing training in VR is the lack of distraction. The viewer is fully immersed in the classroom and able to focus on what they are learning.

The Experience

Launch shot the 360° video onsite at Pardot with three different on-screen speakers. We designed the final product to allow the user to choose which seminar they wanted to attend. After passing through an animated welcome screen with instructions, the viewer could look around at the three people around them and choose which one to interact with first. While in this first menu room, the viewer could also hunt for “Easter eggs”— animations that appeared in certain areas with fun facts about Pardot.

Once the user chose a speaker, they would be transported into a new room to watch that seminar. During each talk, the trainee could choose to pause or rewind the experience if they missed something. While each instructor spoke, 3D animated text appeared next to them, calling out the most important information. This allowed users to easily recall the main points. After each talk ended, the user could return to the menu room to choose a new speaker and seminar or repeat a session they previously attended.

How It Was Done

Shooting the 360° video presented interesting challenges for everyone involved. Since filming for virtual reality doesn’t allow for splicing shots together, we had to record each scene in one take. This meant that the speakers had to memorize their scripts from start to finish. Shooting in all directions also created challenges for lighting and audio that you don’t normally come across with traditional filming.

For post-production, the design team at Launch had to familiarize themselves with the platform and understand the final goals to create all of the buttons, Easter eggs, and other on-screen visuals. Because 360° videos can cause motion sickness among some viewers, we created a desktop version that users can view outside of a VR headset.

The final product allowed the Pardot sales trainees to receive training in a way they had never experienced before.

The Pardot team uses VR headsets to watch the training video

The reps loved it and our leadership is super excited… Thanks for being such great partners with us.

Bill Reed, Manager, Product Marketing, Pardot