IA Research & Strategy

Autodesk engaged with Launch to help increase product adoption by improving the learning and support experience.

Autodesk’s growth over the years included numerous product acquisitions, a move from device licensing to subscription-based pricing models, and an increasing investment in digital technologies to support users and innovate in the design space.

Over time, Autodesk’s help and support ecosystem grew, resulting in a large number of various company-published as well as third-party help content and channels. Launch was tasked with creating a more intuitive navigation for Autodesk help and support resources in order to better centralize these resources for Autodesk’s 12M+ users.


Launch conducted a three-phase, iterative research and design project for Autodesk:


15 one-on-one user interviews to better understand users’ mental models for seeking help and support (this included writing participant qualification screeners to ensure we were talking to the appropriate mix of users based on Autodesk’s current knowledge of users based on their previous user research)


Information architecture testing

  • Remote card sorting with 80 users to discover how users think about the various Autodesk learning channels in terms of labeling and terminology, taxonomy, and organization (this included coming up with terms and phrases based on current Autodesk properties as well as terms we heard in our user interviews)
  • Navigation tree testing with 80 users to validate our proposed IA based off of our card sort findings


Concept testing

From our IA testing findings, we created a conceptual top-level and local navigation scheme and tested with users using a participatory design approach with a paper prototype.

About Autodesk

Autodesk, Inc. is a design software and services company, offering customers productive business solutions through various technology products and services. The company serves variety of customers in the field of architecture, engineering and construction; manufacturing; and digital media and entertainment markets.