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You can be a part of this, too.

We think big and take risks. We’re not afraid to ask, “How can we improve?” because we’re always testing our potential.


  • Client Services

    Client Services

    Relationship builders who keep us all working toward a common goal.

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  • Creative


    Artistic problem solvers who create fun content that gets people’s attention.

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  • User Experience

    User Experience

    Designers who balance what the business wants with what the user needs.

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  • Strategy


    Dot-connectors between customer goals, their products, and the story to be told.

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  • Technology


    Engineers and architects who bring designs to life in the digital world.

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We really enjoyed working with the Launch team. They were incredibly flexible as our needs evolved over the course of the project. They gave us safe and risky options and listened to our internal and customer pain points. This was a true partnership, and we are so pleased with the outcome!


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Our team is made up of smart, talented, passionate people. We work hard and have a lot of fun along the way. Interested?

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Benefits & Perks

  • Free medical insurance
    Launch pays 100% of employee health insurance and 50% of your family premium.
  • 401k
    Invest in your future, and we’ll throw in an extra 3% of your salary.
  • Vacation
    You get four weeks PTO, in addition to five sick days. Plus, we all get a lot of holidays.
  • Full suite of benefits
    We provide the complete set of insurance benefits: dental, vision long-/short-term disability, and life insurance.
  • Bonuses
    To recognize our employees for exceptional performance, we offer a variety of bonuses throughout the year.
  • Work-life balance
    We like to keep our work weeks capped at 40 hours and allow WFH opportunities to have balance in our lives.