Client Services

Who we are

We’re the front line for the customer and the glue that keeps internal and external teams working toward a common goal. We’re communicators, planners, organizers, and relationship-builders.

What we do

We support projects, accounts, marketing, and sales. We work with clients to set expectations, define milestones, and facilitate communication among all parties, so projects stay on track.

How we do it

By having transparent dialogue with customers, we uncover their needs and propose solutions. Once the project begins, we serve as the primary point of contact for the client, ensuring a seamless process for gathering and sharing feedback across all teams.


  • Pre-sales discovery
  • Project proposal
  • Account management
  • Project management

"Collaborating with our clients to create amazing experiences makes each day fun and unique."

Vivian Lowe, Project Lead

Team Members

Beth Odum

Senior Project Manager

David Preiss


Javier Santana


Julia Lopez

People & Culture Lead

Skylar Russell

Account Supervisor

Vivian Lowe

Account & PMO Director

Explore Our Teams

  • Client Services

    Client Services

    Relationship builders who keep us all working toward a common goal.

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  • Creative


    Artistic problem solvers who create fun content that gets people’s attention.

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  • User Experience

    User Experience

    Designers who balance what the business wants with what the user needs.

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  • Strategy


    Dot-connectors between customer goals, their products, and the story to be told.

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  • Technology


    Engineers and architects who bring designs to life in the digital world.

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