User Experience

Who we are

We are the coffee shop where left and right brains go to hang out. Our designs carry with them a deep and thoughtful strategy that both captures the vision of the client and the heart of end users.

What we do

We work in black, white and very very dark gray. While we love color, we prefer to start our designs in grey scale so that the focus is on function over form; that way your users get both a usable and beautiful experience. We’re all ears (insert adorable picture of an elephant [here]). In a world that’s always talking, we listen. We listen to our clients, their stakeholders, their users and the marketplace waiting to hear that viable pulse that waits beneath the surface. It’s that pulse that gives real and meaningful life to the design we concept next.

How we do it

We do it together; every project is influenced by our collective and diverse ux consciousness. Also, we hold the finest tea selection you’ve ever seen south of the mason-dixon line and equipped with these delightful drinks no design task is too daunting.


  • UX research
  • UX workshops
  • Concept development
  • Wireframing
  • Information architecture
  • High & low-fidelity prototyping
  • Requirements development
  • Content integration
  • User testing

"We’re collaborative and thoughtful. We’re all UX at our core but also have individual superpowers that we bring to the table−from a penchant for content creation, a passion for research and analytics, depth of knowledge in psychology, or a strong visual acumen. These collectively create a beautiful and strong dynamic of skills for our clients."

Candra Garrett, Senior UX Designer

Team Members

Candra Garrett

Senior UX Designer

Emily Aardema

UX Designer

Hannah Wilcox

UX Designer

Jesse Newton

UX Director

Loc Lam

Sr. UX/UI Designer

Mike Carpenter

Senior UX Designer

Explore Our Teams

  • Client Services

    Client Services

    Relationship builders who keep us all working toward a common goal.

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  • Creative


    Artistic problem solvers who create fun content that gets people’s attention.

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  • User Experience

    User Experience

    Designers who balance what the business wants with what the user needs.

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  • Strategy


    Dot-connectors between customer goals, their products, and the story to be told.

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  • Technology


    Engineers and architects who bring designs to life in the digital world.

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