A New Seat

A social media campaign, creative assets, and a toolkit for a store you think you already know

The Ask

Aaron’s wanted to start a new conversation with shoppers on social media.

Aaron’s is a leader in the lease-to-own industry. Founded in 1955 and headquartered in Atlanta, the retailer has more than 1,300 stores in the U.S. and Canada.

The Answer

We created a suite of content that got people talking.
  • Brand Design Systems
  • Campaign Concept & Development
  • Competitive & Industry Research
  • Content Planning & Production
  • Custom Animation
  • E-commerce
  • Social Media Activation
  • Video & Photography


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Pull up a chair

Today’s furniture shoppers do a lot of inspirational browsing online. Aaron’s knows that even though they carry popular furniture styles in their stores, they’re not top-of-mind when people go searching for decorating ideas. So, to get the attention of the style-savvy, click-and-like crowd, they needed to shake things up.

For us, the crux of our collaboration was clear: you can’t just tell people you’ve got design chops; you have to show them you do. We selected four chairs from the Aaron’s product catalog and cast them as trendsetting stars in a social media campaign – and ended up delivering far more than a few double-takes.
The Concept: We put together a combined value-and-vibes hook to help Aaron’s slide into shoppers’ social feeds with authentic and irresistable content. Our campaign tag line: “We’ll make it yours. You make it you.”

Hermes Creative Awards

Social Media | Facebook Engagement


Hermes Creative Award

Social Media | Instagram Engagement


MUSE Creative Award

Social Media | Retail & E-commerce


Open seating

Polished, playful visuals (designed to stop shoppers mid-scroll) and clever copy (inviting them to engage) formed the heart of “We’ll make it yours. You make it you.”

To bring the concept to life and give Aaron’s a conversational opener with new audiences, we tapped into personality-based style trends, which we called: The Cozy Dreamers, The Plant Parents, The Gamers, and The Chic Wine’rs.

Play Video

“We’ll make it yours. You make it you.” Unleashing our creative energies, we let the chair personalities speak for themselves.

Sitting pretty

A toolkit and style guide – complete with additional images and copy options, as well as typeface, color palette, and voice and tone recommendations – ensured the Aaron’s team would be able to evolve the campaign for any needs beyond social media.

Hold onto your seat

Through social posts with animated chairs, we invited shoppers to see different decorating styles come alive with a few well-chosen accessories.

This cozy recliner?
Total BFF potential for your favorite throw pillow and blanket. (We’ll make it yours. You make it you.)
Tucking a little baby bud into a brand new pot, then settling into the perfect chair to obsess over watching it grow … #YouMakeItYou
This stunning pink chair?

Just some modern chic sip-back-and-relax style inspo.

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“Results exceeded our expectations tenfold!”
Kathryn Osbon, Aaron's Director of Digital Marketing
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