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Animated, interactive learning makes complicated coursework a breeze

The Ask

Salesforce needed an effective way to get global teams up-to-speed on a complex topic.

Salesforce is the global leader in customer relationship management (CRM) technology. Headquartered in San Francisco, they help companies of every size and industry with sales, customer service, marketing automation, analytics, and application development solutions.

The Answer

We developed a self-paced, Grade A learning experience that anyone can master.
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4.8 / 5 stars

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American Advertising
(ADDY) Award

B2B Website

BRONZE – 2021


Web Based Training

GOLD – 2021

Evolving on-the-job learning

When educating teams on nuanced technologies, many companies rely on painstakingly tedious internal training sessions. Salesforce wanted to offer their account reps a better alternative.

The subject for this particular training – Einstein Prediction Builder – is an AI tool that uses machine learning to help companies work smarter. At the end of the training, reps and partners need to be able to confidently explain, demo, and implement the product.

So to fully understand Einstein Prediction Builder and Salesforce’s existing training process ourselves, we made sure to do our homework: going through their three-hour onboarding, interviewing participants for additional insights, and conducting our own research.

By breaking Salesforce’s substantial content matter into 12 easily digestible video-and-interactive-quiz modules, we succeeded in offering a streamlined, user-focused training path – one that captured participants’ attention and appreciation.

salesforce Einstein in hot air baloon
illustration of two salesforce experts

Study aids

We approached this course with balance in mind – maintain trainees’ interest while helping them retain the information. We added interactive quizzes and chapter recaps throughout the experience to keep everyone on track and highlight key tool features.

Adding an element of fun, we animated actual Salesforce experts, bringing them to life on the little screen. 2-D mentors engage users at every step.

Review session

The final course is entertaining and memorable. Users applaud the new approach and fresh experience.

For anyone, anywhere

With Salesforce’s large, globally distributed team spanning multiple time zones, the training needed to meet a wide range of requirements. The “learn at your own pace” setup empowers trainees to control their own progress, while the web-based format accommodates different types of learners – from early-bird overachievers to better-under-pressure midnight oil-burners.

einstein in front of a mountain range with chalkboard and hot air baloon

Certifiable success

Course certificates make it official. Account reps and partners can walk away feeling confident in their knowledge of the Einstein AI tool, ready to help Salesforce customers better understand the extensive capabilities of the platform.

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