Pardot & Engage ROI Calculator

Shouldn't it be fun to calculate revenue?

Launch conceptualized, designed and developed the calculator using Pardot sales team Excel models as the basis for the math. Most ROI calculators are pretty dry. We made it our mission to create a marketing automation journey filled with humor and quirkiness throughout. 

The design is mobile responsive. CSS sprite animations of a squirrel mascot back up Pardot’s value claims with secondary research and cheeky remarks. The calculator is designed not only to illustrate possible business results, but also to educate marketing managers about the role of lead nurturing within the sales funnel.

 Desktop and responsive. The calculator doesn't just take a shot at predicting ROI, it also explains how it got there.
 Turn your sales team into sales ninjas.

About Pardot

Pardot, B2B marketing automation by Salesforce, offers an easy-to-use marketing automation solution that allows marketing and sales departments to create, deploy, and manage online marketing campaigns from one central platform