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NCR: Designing for self-checkout

2019-02-04T09:16:01.000Z in Experience Design (XD) by Hannah Gruet

NCR asked Launch to build a kiosk experience for food and beverage orders which allowed check out with no human assistance. Launch created a scalable and customizable touch interface that allowed users to easily order and pay for items on a tablet or small kiosk.

Holiday Mini-Series: Fireside Chats

2018-11-28T19:00:14.000Z in Photo & Video by David Preiss

Welcome friends. Please enjoy this claymation extravaganza, all hand-crafted by the fine people at Launch. Chapter 1: In the Spirit Chapter 2: ‘Tis the Seasoning Chapter 3: Eyes on the Pies Chapter 4: Football, Food & Family Chapter 5: Live, Laugh, Launch

Launch Cares: Using Our Margin for Good

2018-11-06T16:37:31.000Z in Uncategorized by Staci Hardy

In August 2018, we started Launch Cares, a pro bono initiative to support local nonprofit organizations. By providing services free of charge, we aim to help nonprofits increase their impact, and spread some love to our hometown. Since our office is in the Downtown neighborhood of Atlanta, we encounter those experiencing homelessness every day. Because…

The Art of Hygge

2018-11-02T03:37:55.000Z in Photo & Video by David Preiss

We are on a mission to be the best place to work, so we adopted a new practice to strengthen our workplace culture.

Our Work In Motion

2018-10-05T14:30:26.000Z in Photo & Video by David Preiss

We put together a preview of some of the projects we completed. We’ve had the pleasure of partnering with The Weather Channel, Salesforce, NAPA, and others.

How Pardot Used VR to Enhance Training

2018-10-03T19:55:34.000Z in Photo & Video by Kelly Strawinski

Earlier this year, we had the privilege of partnering with Pardot to make their sales training more interactive. We created a 360° virtual reality experience that allowed the user to be fully immersed in sales training, whether they were in the office or at home. One of the benefits of experiencing training in VR is the…

Being a Product Manager in an Agency

2018-08-16T10:42:41.000Z in Strategy by Katie Foster

How can you be a product manager in an agency? Do you guys even make products?

The Importance of Research for Creating a Digital Strategy

2018-08-08T12:28:19.000Z in Strategy by launchxd

How many people have bought a car without ever having conducted research on it beforehand? Or what about purchasing a house without spending a significant portion of time reviewing location, schools, comps of similar houses in the area to determine value? If we don’t make high-ticket purchases as consumers without extensive research, then why is…

9 Tips to Consider Before Selecting an Agency Partner

2018-07-30T13:30:18.000Z in Strategy by Javier Santana

Your organization tasked you to solve a problem. You need to find an agency partner for a website redesign, a product tour, or some digital experience. Before you craft an RFP, ask yourself, “Are we ready to work with an agency?”

Collision Conference

2018-05-18T12:56:21.000Z in UX by launchxd

Several of my colleagues and I attended the conference Collision with complimentary Women in Technology tickets. Overall, Collision was an exploratory combination of talks, panels, and workshops from data ethics, startup pitch sessions, aging as a disease, and of course design. To hear and see so many professionals discussing the ethics of data in the…

3 Apps to Boost Your Mental Health

2018-05-03T15:19:11.000Z in Strategy by Candra Garrett

In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month we’re exploring apps that can boost your Mental Health.

Launch Goes to Geekend – Olivia Rado Presents on Chatbots

2018-03-02T20:14:11.000Z in UX by launchxd

UX Designer Olivia Rado participated in a presentation at Geekend in Savannah, Ga., on Feb. 2-3, 2018. In “The Art of User Experience,” she discusses why designing for a content preview within a chatbot isn’t as simple as it may sound. Olivia joined moderator Charley Erdman of Dfuzr Industries and presenters Christopher Via of Avesca…

Attack of the (Not So) Killer Robots

2016-08-24T07:31:05.000Z in Strategy by Katie Foster

Let’s face it. Sometimes, talking to people sucks. Picking up the phone can seem like the biggest obstacle in the world. We stomp our feet and drag our heels as we make our way towards a sales call or a phone date with a customer success rep. We’ve all been there. And that’s a big…

Why Are We So Afraid of B2B E-commerce?

2016-06-08T17:55:50.000Z in Strategy by Katie Foster

Ecommerce is more than just a buzzword, it’s a reality. We’re all familiar with online buying in the B2C world, and are probably more Amazon Prime-dependent than we’d like to admit. But in all the ecommerce chatter, B2B often slips under the radar. Despite the low-profile, B2B ecommerce is booming. Its market size is larger,…

Why you should speak emoji

2016-06-01T15:50:52.000Z in Strategy by Rachel Peters

Recently my coworker Astrid and I flew to California to visit a client. On the plane ride home she introduced me to Bitmoji, which is an app that lets you create an emoji that looks like you. Once you’ve created your Bitmoji, you can scroll through hundreds of images that include your Bitmoji and share them…

The True Cost of Building a SaaS Business

2016-03-22T05:31:49.000Z in Strategy by Katie Foster

What is CAC? Some call it CAC, some call it COCA. To all, it’s Cost of Customer Acquisition. A metric that most of us in the SaaS space are familiar with. It’s an unfortunate reality that gaining customers requires heavy upfront investment. CAC is a key measure to understanding business success. And, at the rate it…

Creating Content that Makes Prospects Want to Buy

2016-03-17T11:25:42.000Z in Strategy by launchxd

The premise of content marketing is that by reviewing information provided by your company, prospects begin to trust your company and understand the value of your product; marketing departments receive new leads (often through gated content); and sales departments receive better qualified leads from marketing which they then contact, assuming the prospect is ready to…

A Look at AT&T’s M2X Service for IoT

2016-03-06T12:46:44.000Z in Technology by Adam Scott

Last week I joined around 200 students, tech professionals and members of the general public interested in the “Internet of Things”. Although Tech Square’s Garage has been open for just two weeks, this crowd doesn’t have a problem treating it as a second home. We settled in for a 3-hour lecture ranging from Texas Instruments…

Q&A Sites: Helping users find better answers faster

2016-02-15T11:14:31.000Z in UX by Rachel Peters

Recently a friend of mine posted a frustrated question to Facebook asking if anyone knew how to create a linked table of contents in Microsoft Word. She knew it was possible, but she couldn’t figure it out and was losing patience. In a past life, I was a technical writer, so my Word skills are…

Scrolling Down The Long & Winding Page

2016-01-19T15:25:05.000Z in UX by David Preiss

Long scrolling (ever-scroll) pages are everywhere. And many of us agency-folks are familiar with client-folks looking for that “” feeling (a nicely done Long-Scroller). If a client asks you whether the Long Scroller is “Best Practice”, you won’t be able to tell them it is. We just don’t k

How Mobile Is Infiltrating Customer Journeys

2016-01-11T08:31:17.000Z in UX by Rachel Peters

When mapping a customer journey, we typically consider how a customer moves (or can be motivated to move) from one phase to the next. Starting with consideration, through conversion, and eventually on to post-conversion (loyalty), we determine what channels, experiences, content, and campaigns can support customers at each phase.

Lean Forward: The SaaS Content Marketing Gap

2016-01-08T17:55:54.000Z in Strategy by David Preiss

Content-based campaigns help companies increase sales. The drawback is that there is a lot of competition out there and only a small portion of quality content that provides value. How can your publishing efforts stand out better? How can you more effectively transition prospects to qualified leads, seal up a leaky funnel and accelerate your…

Designing Better Customer Experiences with Digital Governance

2016-01-06T19:57:26.000Z in Strategy by Rachel Peters

Today a customer’s experience with your brand doesn’t begin and end with one channel or interaction. It’s usually a series of interactions across multiple channels, and you’re in charge of not dropping the ball at any point. Your goal is to allow (and encourage!) customers to move fluidly back and forth across channels, so their experience as a whole is seamless, frictionless.

Omnichannel Retail: Why it Matters.

2015-05-27T06:55:28.000Z in UX by Rachel Peters

How Walgreens is finding success, and how you can get there Today there are more devices than people in the world, and devices are growing in number five times faster than people. This onslaught of tablets, phones, fitness trackers, and other gadgets provides more ways for consumers to interact with brands. Toss in email, social media,…

How Order Review Kills Sales

2014-08-08T16:37:48.000Z in UX by David Preiss

How many times have we been ready to check out, entered our credit card information, and then clicked the “Continue” button? And then rather than being able to complete the transaction, we’re instead brought to the Order Review page—a page where the only action required of us is to review all the info with a fine-toothed comb before mustering up the courage to click “Order.”

If review is the only purpose of this page, then why is it there?

Will the Real Chrysler Please Stand Up?

2014-06-18T17:13:51.000Z in Marketing by launchxd

Taken from Chrysler’s 2009-2014 annual reports Previously, we covered the story element of plot and how it relates to corporate storytelling by using GM and its current CEO, Mary Barra, as an example. In this post, we’ll explain the method of storytelling through emotional structure and use the example of Chrysler to show how powerful, emotionally-structured storytelling…

Messages Driven by Sympathy

2014-06-12T17:34:01.000Z in UX by David Preiss

A message is more effective when folks identify with it.

Can crafted phrasing cause an audience to sympathize or identify with a message on a personal level? I think so. And those kinds of messages can be more effective at changing behavior too.

Plot, Storytelling & What We Can Learn from the GM Recall

2014-06-05T16:05:09.000Z in Marketing by launchxd

STORYTELLING When people think of stories, they tend to think in terms of novels or short stories. But, stories are everywhere. From mile-high billboards to bubble gum wrappers. Even cave paintings, our earliest forms of written communication, tell stories about our ancestors. Unfortunately, storytelling is usually only studied by fiction writers—whereas marketers are taught a…

Cut Design Features & Make Users Happy

2014-05-22T17:35:46.000Z in UX by David Preiss

Though tempting, adding features and functionality doesn’t always help users.
In fact, restricting choice can be much more powerful then trying to be everything to everyone. User experience designers should try a maneuver called: “cut the crap and improve what’s left over.” In the spirit of streamlining, I’ll coin a shorter label for this idea: restrictive design.

Expertise or Empathy: Which is Most Important for Credibility?

2014-05-16T12:07:33.000Z in Strategy by launchxd

When it comes to websites, companies tend to focus on discussing who they are, highlighting executives’ bios, and giving features and benefits of their products and services.

Building Audience Confidence Through Persuasive Communication

2014-05-15T18:58:06.000Z in Strategy by launchxd

Even though the days of snake oil are gone, some companies are being just as manipulative as those mustachioed charlatans.

Which is why, in the digital age, people are more skeptical than ever, and companies must learn how to earn their audience’s trust. In rhetoric, earning an audience’s trust is key to persuasion and must occur early on in the discussion.

Engaging Audiences with Emotion

2014-05-15T17:33:20.000Z in Marketing by launchxd

Human behavior flows from three main sources: desire, emotion, and knowledge. With our previous posts, “You See What I’m Saying” and “Building Audience Confidence,” we covered the importance of rhetoric in writing and how to gain an audience’s trust. But, you first have to get their attention. Speakers commonly do this by telling a joke when they first…