Software Redesign

UserIQ, one of Technology Association of Georgia's Top 10 "Most Innovative" tech companies, chose Launch to redesign the user experience of its software platform. 

We were approached by User IQ to help evolve their UI by adding one of the most requested features by their customers – the activity dashboard. We identified areas for improvement and created a visual design guide that outlined a new design language.  The final guide identified the color systems and hierarchy for content, while adding some functionality that helped users recognize actions and streamline navigational flows.

About UserIQ

UserIQ is a SaaS technology that works seamlessly with B2B SaaS applications with no custom development. UserIQ’s platform allows product and customer success managers to launch in-app guided tours, messages and surveys within minutes. Combining behavioral data from product usage and demographic data from a company’s own CRM, customers are able to deliver the right message to the right user at the right time.