To increase their leads, the Salesforce Platform team needed to raise brand awareness and product knowledge. They wanted an engaging way to show the business value of using low code solutions to save time and money. In addition, the tool needed to be tailored to each prospect’s business without requiring a sales representative to present dull spreadsheets on sales calls.



  • Content strategy
  • Workshop (design)
  • Storyboards
  • UX design & prototypes
  • Web development
  • UI design & interaction

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Throughout this project, we collaborated closely with the Salesforce team across multiple departments to conduct in-depth research. Launch reverse engineered a business value whitepaper to make ROI calculations that would be used in the tool. And we designed and led a creative brainstorming workshop, which made a fun game out of the creative process in order to generate an innovative interactive story.

Together with the Platform team, we created and refined ideas and content for the ROI calculator. Instead of producing a typical calculator, we added a storyline and animations to create a fully interactive and animated world using Salesforce critters.

See the Salesforce Platform Business Value Calculator in action



Shortly after its release, the Platform Business Value Calculator became one of the favorite showpieces of inside sales reps, elevating the status of the Platform cloud to internal and external stakeholders.


“Launch has really mastered the art of design thinking and tight collaboration with their clients. They built up an idea, brick by brick until it came to life before our eyes. Everyone at Salesforce loves the Business Value Calculator. When I unveiled it in one of our internal presentations – Mic drop!”

Aygun Suleymanova, Product Marketing Director, Salesforce

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