Tap, pay & eat

Self-service touchscreens

Designing for

Research, User Experience & Visual Design

To expand their service offerings, NCR partnered with us to design a touchscreen kiosk that integrates with its point-of-sale (POS) software and allows its restaurant customers to offer a quick, user-friendly way to order and pay for food and beverages with no human assistance. 
The challenge was to create an interface and convenience process both scalable and customizable for NCR’s wide-ranging customer brands.
Based on our research, we found key weaknesses across the POS market, primarily a lack of comprehensive service offerings and an underwhelming UI experience. Addressing these issues, we created a prototype fully compatible with NCR’s POS. We used the prototype to write use and edge cases, and to develop visual comps incorporating multiple background color displays, fonts and additional design options.

Making it work.

The final kiosk design delivered to NCR included a customizable prototype, visual designs and a build guide. 

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