Head in the clouds, mind on results

We balance our love of technology with our quest for creativity. Because we are more than the sum of our parts. We are a mixture of blue sky thinking grounded in rock-solid strategy — culminating in remarkable, human experiences.

Our core values are much more than a list.

Idea Investigators

Our curiosity means we’re always learning.

Value Creators

Our ambition means we are making things exceptional.

Challenge Acceptors

We use true grit to push past obstacles.

Truth Speakers

We speak the truth with grace.

Positivity Partners

We’re always solution-oriented.

People Helpers

Our compassion drives us to help others succeed.

Giving back

In August 2018, we started Launch Cares, a pro bono initiative to support local nonprofit organizations.

By offering our people power and creative services free of charge, we hope to help organizations doing good increase their impact and spread some love in our hometown of Atlanta.

Launch Cares is an open avenue for expressing our core value of compassion. Sometimes we’re creating logos or designing websites, other times we’re holding clothing or food drives, upcycling technology, participating in fun-runs, or mentoring students in need. Whatever the context, it’s our reminder that everyone can use a little help – and that the world is a better place when we support each other.

Nonprofit Inspiredu holds a special place in our hearts: Through its “changing lives through technology and education” work, Inspiredu addresses the challenges of digital literacy, access, and inclusion in Atlanta’s highest-need communities.

Seeing is believing.
We think you’ll like what you see.

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