A Brand Romance

Storytelling and filmmaking that turn up the heat on the 
usual customer-meets-company plot

The Ask

Mitsubishi wanted to ease homeowner anxieties about finding the perfect HVAC contractor.

Mitsubishi Electric Trane HVAC US (METUS) is a leader in ductless and VRF systems. Based in metro Atlanta, their products heat and cool homes and businesses throughout the United States and Latin America.

The Answer

We produced a video series that social and streaming audiences fell in love with.
  • Campaign Concept & Development
  • Content Planning & Production
  • Integrated Marketing Strategy & Execution
  • Video & Photography

The day they met

Mitsubishi came to us with an idea for bringing a contractor-homeowner love story to the small screen.

METUS’s diamond-level contractors are elite, certified professionals who provide superior levels of HVAC service. As systems installers, they help shape how homeowners feel about the Mitsubishi brand. So when HVAC needs arise, METUS wants people to know that these experts are both easy to find and the ones they want to invite into their homes.

The METUS team asked for a social-media-friendly rom-com spoof. We delivered a three-part, short video series about a homeowner swiping right on the HVAC contractor of their dreams – just in time for Valentine’s Day.

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‘Find Your Perfect Match’ Episode 1 – The Day They Met: Meet Nikki. She’s looking for an HVAC contractor who won’t leave her cold.

Muse Creative Awards

Video for Consumer Product/Service

GOLD – 2021

Hermes Awards

Video | Video Series

GOLD – 2021

dotCOMM Award

Video Series


MarCom Award

YouTube Video

GOLD – 2021

MarCom Award

Video/Film | Marketing (Product or Service)


Viddy Award

Gold – Short Form Video Series < 3 minutes

GOLD – 2021

Positive impressions

Targeting a release in early 2021 – a time filled with pandemic concerns about interacting with strangers indoors – Mitsubishi needed to convey confident reassurance.

The online dating storyline effortlessly set a positive tone around what audiences should expect from Mitsubishi contractors: despite disappointing experiences with others in the past, when the homeowner went looking for the best of the best on mitsubishicomfort.com, she easily found a METUS contractor who exceeded her exacting standards.

Equally important, by shining the spotlight on the contractor-hero in the story, we gave the METUS installer community a reason to help spread the love and share the videos in their own marketing.

Don’t settle

Thanks to well written scripts and top notch production value, the series was a social media hit.

Ecstatic over the rave reviews from Mitsubishi insiders and awards committees alike, the client decided to repurpose the 30-second spots. They rolled the videos into a national OTT campaign (shown on streaming TV services), getting them in front of an even wider audience.

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‘Find Your Perfect Match’ Episode 2 – Don’t Settle: As Clark completes the installation, things really start heating up.

Passion project

HVAC systems aren’t an everyday purchase, so creating a campaign with an extended shelf-life was critical.

We poured our hearts into our work. From concepting to scripting, storyboarding, and filming, we devoted ourselves to producing memorable content to keep the mitsubishicomfort.com URL top of mind with homeowners long after the videos aired.

Happily ever after

Each video clearly emphasized the same, easy to grasp call to action: go to mitsubishicomfort.com to learn more about METUS offerings, search for contractors in your area, and find your very own “perfect match.”

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‘‘Find Your Perfect Match’ Episode 3 – Happily Ever After: Clark rides off into the sunset as Nikki’s warm feelings continue to grow.

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