Flavor Expansion Pack

Brand-building and web design to promote grilling with a side of adventure

The Ask

Frontier Charcoal wanted to forge new marketing territory with a complete branding makeover.
Frontier Charcoal is part of the Royal Oak family of premium charcoal brands. Based in metro Atlanta, family-owned Royal Oak is the largest U.S. producer of natural lump charcoal and 100% natural charcoal briquets.

The Answer

We created a juicy new brand identity and web experience for customers to sink their teeth into.
  • Brand Design Systems
  • Brand Strategy & Positioning
  • Competitive & Industry Research
  • IA & Experience Maps
  • UI Visual Design
  • UX Design & Prototyping
  • Website Development

Hermes Creative Awards

Marketing Strategic Campaigns | Branding Refresh

GOLD – 2022

Muse Creative Awards

Integrated Marketing | Company Branding

SILVER – 2022

Fire starter

When pandemic-related supply shortages required Frontier Charcoal to explore new sourcing options, they discovered an intriguing range of flavor profiles – and a smoking-hot marketing opportunity.

The new, globally-sourced charcoal – handcrafted using hardwoods from regions with rich food cultures – marked a departure from the American-made flavors and messaging that Frontier’s parent company had built their brand around. Bringing these flavors to stores couldn’t just be about pushing out new packaging: they needed customers to embrace this as an entirely different grilling experience.

We helped give Frontier Charcoal a new story to tell with award-winning brand positioning that got seasoned grillmasters all fired up and ready to cook.

Bragging rights

With their new direction, Frontier was targeting customers with a sense of adventure and an appreciation for fantastic flavor.

Our customer research turned up an enthusiastic range of backyard barbecue bosses, novices and experts alike, who enjoyed bragging about their grill skills.

To spark maximum interest with this audience, we served up equal helpings of brand tastiness and barbecue culture. We built the new website around recipes and food images native to the charcoal’s roots, digging into its premium qualities, regional origins, and the flavors it brings to meals.

Within one year of the rebranding kickoff, Frontier had already increased its share of Royal Oak’s annual sales from 1% to 7%.

Shared plates

To make Frontier’s unfamiliar flavors feel more approachable, we tapped into the universal language of hospitality.
The new Frontier branding draws inspiration from elements that connect everyone around the globe: fire, friends, and tasty dishes. The updated style guide – which covers brand voice, color palette, typography, and photography – is reflected in Frontier’s new product packaging, and ensures they have everything they need to keep the “bringing the world to your backyard” vibes flowing.

Trailblazing ahead

With its helpful mobile-first design and “Where to Buy” API pointing customers to nearby stores, the Frontier Charcoal experience is ready to go whenever grillers get a craving for introducing friends and family to a new world of flavors.
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